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Philosophy & System


‘Alpenroute’ is a road to the Alps-the most beautiful road of the journey. It symbolizes our wish to walk together with clients and partners on the road of the investment where the both processes and results are wonderful. ‘AlpenRoute’s investment philosophy is finding the best companies in their focused business and helping them to grow the value as a partner.
We’d like to invite partners who we can enjoy walking with so that we put emphasis on the mission, strategy, core competence, and most importantly, management team of the company when it comes to our investment decision. We actively seek ‘Hetero synergies’ across different sectors in the journey of walking togeter as an ‘AlpenRoute’ team.

System & Process

AlpenRoute’s logo, annual rings of trees, conveys the meaning that our investment systems and processes will be piled up as the Alps weather and environment changes, and they will help the trees grow healthy and steady. We are pursuing ‘reproducible profits’ with the establishments of sustainable systems and processes.

We will capitalize the experiences of challenges and successes, create a financial culture that builds up over time like the rings of trees growing over winter, and share the fruits of this journey with our clients.