In order to achieve bigger profits, we always pursue capturing the root of companies’ values and invest at lower price.

With this strategy, we continuously study the creation, growth, and decrease of company values.

Reproducible Profits System

Thru our accumulated data analysis, AlpenRoute enabled to realize excellent return regardless of market situation.

Utilizing that system, we study where to invest, which industry to pay attention to, and which company would manifest value.

Network Synergy

We aim to make investments and work with No.1 companies in their own verticals (or having a strong potential clue to be No.1) and create hetero synergies between portfolio companies providing the chance to enhance their weak area thru cooperating with excellent companies. We create business environment where every portfolio company can Win-Win by suggesting new business model and idea where companies can benefit from each other by combining two industries together beyond single industry within AlpenRoute investment network.